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Welcome to Tagonoura Fishing Port!
The closest port to Mt. Fuji in the world

Minamo-cruising offers a tour for an up-close experience of the breathtaking views of Mt. Fuji. Hop on a luxurious fishing boat and enjoy the serene beauty of the sea, surrounded by peaceful landscapes and the vast blue sky.

The majestic presence of Mt.Fuji has captivated travelers from around the world. Minamo-cruising guarantees an unforgettable boat tour with the best locations and services to fully bring out the charm of Mt. Fuji.

Please enjoy a special moment
On a fully chartered boat

Minamo-cruising does not offer shared boarding. Enjoy a special journey undisturbed with your loved ones.

Our dedicated staff will provide heartfelt hospitality and warm service. Make your special days and important events even more extraordinary.




Vessel NameRyushin-maru
Overall Length15.0m  4.9 tons
Cruising Speed25 knots
Maximum Speed30 knots
Capacity14 persons

Access Map

Meeting Point: Please gather directly in front of the ship “Ryushin-maru.”

If you are coming by public transportation, please inform us.
Feel free to call us!
TEL: 090-9338-8572

🚄 For Shinkansen (Bullet Train) Users:
Take a taxi from JR Tokaido Shinkansen “Shinfuji Station,” approximately 7 minutes.

🚙 For Car Users:
Approximately 12 minutes from Tomei Expressway “Fuji Interchange.”

About Parking

There is parking available right in front of the ship (Ryushin Maru).
Parking is free of charge.

Pressing the button below will link to a page providing photographic directions for the nearby route. We hope you find it helpful for your visit on the day.

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