Nearby Directions

For customers arriving by car, we will provide directions to the meeting point with images when you are nearby.

If you are unsure of the location on the day of the event, please feel free to contact us by phone at the staff’s direct mobile number.


★This is the route if you are coming from the Asahi Kasei side.

①You will see the building in the photos below on your left.

②Turn left at the sign that says ‘みなと公園’.

③Continue straight on the road.

④After passing the curve sign on your left, make a left turn.

⑤Left turn here.

⑥Turn left at the dead-end where you see the ‘No Entry’ sign (立入禁止).

⑦This is the parking area for each fishing boat. If you proceed to where the MINAMO Cruise’s boat, the ‘Ryushin-maru,’ is parked, our staff will be waiting for you.

If you have trouble finding the location after coming this far, please call the following phone number. Our staff will come to pick you up.