Regarding reservations, it is an approval system (reservations are not confirmed until the establishment approves them). Please select the boarding plan, additional passenger options, and reservation date and time on the “Reservation Exclusive Site” and proceed with the reservation process.

The reservation acceptance period is up to one week before the desired boarding date. If you wish to make a reservation within one week of the desired boarding date, please contact the following email address:

Once you receive an email with the subject “Reservation Application Accepted” at your registered email address, your application is complete.
We will confirm it on the minamo-cruising side, and if there are no issues, we will send you a “Reservation Confirmed” email.

Please note that In case of difficult operations due to weather conditions, there may be instances where a “Reservation Non-Approval Notification” email will be sent.
If there are any deficiencies in the application, you may need to cancel the application from the minamo-cruising side and make a new reservation.

A flat fee for up to 6 people.
【Sunrise Plan (limited to once a day)】
1 hour (including boarding and disembarking time)
¥38,500 (including tax)
Includes : drink service(non-alcoholic), one assistant
※ When selecting the time, please choose the 5:00-6:00 slot.
※ Depending on the schedule with the commissioned cruise ship (Ryushinmaru), reservations will be closed two weeks before the reservation date.
【Standard Plan】
1 hour (including boarding and disembarking time)
¥35,200 (including tax)
Includes : drink service(non-alcoholic), one assistant
※ When selecting the time, please choose your preferred time slot from
(11:00-12:00 / 12:30-13:30 / 14:00-15:00).

<Additional Charges>
Additional charges will apply for 7 people or more.
¥3,300 per person (including tax) × the number of additional people.
If not all passengers understand Japanese, “English Interpreter Assistant Fee ¥22,000 (including tax)” is also mandatory.
Please be aware that a safety briefing explaining departure precautions will be provided before departure.

<Target Audience>
Elementary school students and above (6 years old and above)

<Boarding Time>
Boarding time: Approximately 45 minutes
Total time (assembly to dissolution): Approximately 1 hour

<Payment Methods>
Pre-payment by credit card (VISA / MasterCard)
⚠️ JCB, Amex, Diners, UnionPay, Alipay are not accepted.
⚠️ If using pre-payment by credit card, the name that will appear on the credit card statement is “EDISONE Reservation” or “Reservation Settlement.”
⚠️ In case of cancellation of a pre-paid reservation, there is no refund handling fee for customers.

<Conditions for Holding the Event>
Rainy weather: No operation in case of rain
⚠️ In the event of bad weather or rough waves, we may cancel reservations 2 days in advance.
Please be aware of this in advance.

<Precautions for Boarding>
① For safety during boarding and disembarking, please refrain from wearing sandals, high heels, and skirts.
② Boarding under the influence of alcohol is not allowed.
③ For those concerned about seasickness, it is recommended to take motion sickness medication 30 minutes before boarding.
④ For safe navigation, please always follow the captain’s instructions when given.
⑤ Depending on the weather, Mt. Fuji may not be visible, so please be aware of this in advance.

Cancellation Policy

The cancellation of a reservation will cost the following cancellation fee.

3 days agoFree
2 days ago50%
1 day ago75%
The day100%

The day:100%
1 day ago:75%
2 days ago:50%

About Reservation Site

Reservations are accepted through the dedicated reservation site “EDISONE.”
Press the button below to navigate to the reservation site.